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CIAB monies in action!

This fundraiser for the Michelson Elementary Parents Club generates almost the entirety of our annual budget. To learn more about the Michelson Parents Club, click the link below!


Field Trips

 This year our parents club is excited about a number of great field trips! The 5th grade class will be visiting the California Academy  of Sciences in San Francisco! The 2nd Grade is headed to the Greater Valley Museum and Planetarium at Modesto JC. The 1st Grade is making their annual trip to the Sacramento Zoo. The 4th Grade enjoyed a trip to the Chaw'se Indian Grinding Rock State Park.  In addition to these trips, we have a number of local field trips happening. From singing at the Murphys Senior Center,  and distributing kindness rocks and ribbons around the town... To end-of-year pool parties and other festivities... We've got a lot more fun and exciting trips headed our way!

Sarah Beaudreau
MPC Field Trip Coordinator


 Our district does not provide funding for music education. With a portion of the funds raised at CIAB 2022, we implemented a Music program at Michelson. Now, there are professional musicians in every classroom at least once a month, and the entire school had the opportunity to perform at a Winter Program. 

Shannon Simpson
MPC Music Liason


Money raised by the Michelson Parents Club is used to support and develop the school library by purchasing current and engaging book collections, providing each student with a book of their choice, and creating interesting design concepts in the Maker’s Space allowing children to expand their imagination. In collaboration with our knowledgeable librarian, Mrs. Francis, MPC’s goal is to ensure the library fosters a love of reading. As the wonderful Dr. Seuss once said "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

Sarah Wilson
MPC President


Our hard-earned MIchelson Parents Club funds are used to help fund the school's amazing monthly assemblies! Assemblies this year include Wild Things Animal Conservation, Morris Brothers Anti-Bullying, Lawrence Hall of Science, Sierra Repertory Theatre Performance, and so much more! 

Brook Hill
MPC Vice President

Staff Appreciation

The Michelson Parents Club, through funds raised at Chicken in a Barrel, celebrates and honors our entire school staff. From providing coffee and pastries on the first day of school, to treats at staff meetings, gifts for Employee Recognition, and so much more, they make Michelson a great place to work for all of us.

Josh O'Geen
Principal, Michelson Elementary


School yearbooks are a way to celebrate each academic year and cherish those memories for generations to come. At AME, all of our students receive a high-quality, color yearbook at absolutely no cost thanks to funding from Chicken in a Barrel. Filled with photos of field trips, school events, classmates and teachers alike, the yearbook documents each year’s journey through AME and becomes a lifelong keepsake for all of our students. The creation of the yearbook is a collaborative volunteer process, often involving parents, teachers, staff and students to create the perfect encapsulation of a school year at AME. Your support of CIAB quite literally puts yearbooks into our children’s hands every year — thank you!

Jessica Markus
MPC Secretary

Fine Arts

MPC funds are used to support having the arts available at school. Funds have been used to pay for instructional hours and materials. This year, art lessons have included Painting with Evelyn Betts in October, January, and April, and Ceramics with Tim Smith in November, December, February and March. MPC plans to continue to invest time and funds into art so the program continues to be available and grow in the future.

Emily Dondero
MPC Art Liason

School Beautification

This year  we have been very busy on several beautification projects.  The
has made a plan to focus on entry areas of the school.  The student leadership team helped create and place the new Michelson Elementary sign on Pennsylvania Gulch and is working on a sitting area near the Fenney Park entrance. You may also have noticed the updated blue stairs. Future projects include refurbishing the Michelson sign in Feeney Park, as
well as the entryway to the school. 

Renee Perry
School Beautification Officer

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